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Replacement Frontier Grills are the most common type of grill and require you to completely remove the Nissan grille from your Frontier. These types of grills can be the hardest type to install since they require undoing several tabs and/or screws, and then fitting the new grill in. They usually have the advantage of being more securely attached and having more of a stock flush look to them.

Usually, installing a Frontier Grille overlay is simple, but due to the nature of the grill, it may sit out further than your stock Nissan Grill, which may or may not look right depending on your tastes. Also, if it is a snap on type (which is also pretty rare), it might pop off in the event of a hard collision... which would probably be the least of your worries if your Frontier hit something that hard.

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Attach an Altima grille to the face of your car and sweeten up your personal attitude. With Nissan Altima grilles you can transform your ride from typical to amazing. Just put your new Altima billet grille on top of your factory one, and start cruising fashionably. This change-up enhances your curb appeal and street cred, which can only be a good thing, right?

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