Suggested to use with #49-0046 Parkerized Clutch Cable End.

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This is a package that includes the Clutch cable end that attaches to the throwout bearing arm, the bellows that keeps crud out of the cable tube, the pulley, pulley bushing and 2 correct nuts to set tension. Others will sell you a nylock nut. It will for for awhile, but it left me on the side of the road.

The Crown Clutch Cable End Clevis Bracket is an OE replacement part from Crown Automotive. For over 50 years, Crown Automotive has been the leading manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts for Jeep vehicles. With over 8,000 different part numbers, including many factory-discontinued items, Crown offers exceptional quality that is only matched by an exceptional warranty.

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Clutch cable end, bellows, 2 nuts, pulley and bushing

Once you have the entire assembly installed, you are ready to adjust your clutch cable. With the cable completely disconnected, adjust the small adjustment screw, shown previously in , until you have a clearance gap of 1.2 mm. This procedure is shown in . Tighten up the adjusting screw with the lock nut. Now, attach the new clutch cable end () to the small hook on the lever arm, as previously shown in . Tighten up the clutch cable until the clearance gap between the small arm and the release arm decreases to 1.0 mm. This procedure is shown in . If you have trouble meeting this distance within the range of travel of the adjusting nuts, then you might need to readjust your trunion pin on the other end of the clutch cable. Now, check the clutch release travel. Reinstall the floorboard over the pedal cluster. Measure the distance that the release lever travels when the pedal is pressed (you will need an assistant for this one). shows the length that you should measure. Take a measurement of this distance, and then have your assistant step one the clutch pedal. Then take another measurement. This travel, which is the result of the first measurement minus the second measurement, should be 25 mm +- 0.5 mm. If this travel is not within this range, then adjust the floor stop on the floorboards (Figure 24) to obtain this travel distance.

First, disconnect the clutch cable ends and check they are clean and lubed.I levered the trans end clutch lever in a bit and slipped the barrel out ofthe fork. I almost can do it with my hands. With that end disconnected,pull the handle bar end to the grip and look underneath. You can wiggle thefree barrel down and out and the wire will drop through slot. Clean and lube.