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ordered a set of aftermarket headlights today for my 2014 silverado.. I like how these are like the previous 07-13 generation without that chrome trim around the headlights like the 14-15..let me know what yall think about em? also lets see some pics of your 2014 silverado/sierra with aftermarket headlights..

As car and truck enthusiasts, we know how crucial it is for your headlights to stand out and give your vehicle the power and elegance that defines your presence. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of Spyder Headlights that illuminate the road with a modern and powerful look. We feature exclusive offers on Projector Halo Headlights from all the major automotive makers including , , , , , , , , and . Our selection includes Spyder headlights with Black, Smoke, Chrome and Clear housing and finishes. In fact, we partner with the industry leading manufacturers including Spyder headlights, Spec-D Tuning, Anzo USA, Winjet Automotive, ICPW, HELLA, TYC, DEPO and many more! All of these brands ensure a range of other options that we’ve collected to empower you to make the absolute best choice for your vehicle. All of our aftermarket headlights are brilliantly designed and crafted to cater to the most sophisticated experts, because that’s who we are and that’s whom we care about. We demand quality and safety, so you never have to compromise your standards for style or safety. Browse our site to find the LED Spyder headlights perfect for your needs, or give us a call and speak to one of our experts today!

Headlight Reviews - Unbiased Reviews of Aftermarket Headlights

360tuners keeps you closer to vivid and the stunning illumination by providing a wide variety of Headlights including halo headlights, euro headlights, hid headlights, led headlights, projector headlights, and xenon headlights. We carry huge selection of high quality automotive aftermarket headlights for Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge and other sundry range of makes and models. Each of our headlights is premeditated and composed by the experts and assures to bring magic to your night driving. If you are looking for aftermarket headlights that give you huge power and exceptional vivacity then 360tuners is the place to explore. We put forward an extensive range of custom headlights, headlight covers and headlight lens that are idyllic for your ride. Our every pair of Projector and Euro Headlights gives a snappy and concise fitment. Our halo headlights provide a magnificent radiance that OEM headlights never could. Their appealing angel eyes are proficient enough to grab the attention of every onlooker. The automotive industry is packed with many startling and reasonable options to raise the lighting competence of your vehicle. Our collection of latest HID Projector/Replacement Headlights features chrome, clear, smoke or JDM black finishes aftermarket headlights, along with other advanced options such as Angle/Halo eyes. Our line of car headlight products adds a perfect tailored touch and gives your car a supplementary styling feature similar to those seen on some upscale vehicles and later models. Browse our eye-catching and affordable collection of our latest and unique auto lighting products and giving the car an upgraded beam pattern and added styling feature to set your ride apart from other standard headlights. So browse our attention-grabbing and reasonably priced compilation of our hottest and distinctive Custom Headlights.

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AutoLightPros offers a world class selection of amazing Aftermarket Headlights that will transform your car or truck. Our impressive selection is guaranteed to include everything you are looking for, including the most powerful custom headlights, Angel Eyes headlights, projector headlights, CCFL halo headlights, projector LED halo headlights, custom Spyder headlights as well as euro style, crystal and OEM replacements. In particular, our halo Spyder headlights are built by award-winning technicians, who fuse power, style and performance into every unit we ship. We are proud to provide you with custom headlights for your car or truck that match the style, look, feel and performance of your vehicle’s brand. Every Halo Projector Headlight (also known as Angel Eyes Projector Headlight) is Department of Transportation compliant, guaranteeing easy installation, perfect fitment and immaculate performance.

After installing the projector headlights, you probably want to get some HID lights. Here we will show you how to correctly remove the stock halogen bulbs from these custom headlights and replace back with the HID bulb. Here's a tip: for most aftermarket headlights, the bulb size is H1...