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McGard 24538 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks (1/2" - 20 Thread Size) - Set of 5


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Today we're going to be taking a look at the Redline Locks Wheel Lock Set. This is designed for use on a single axle or, on a tandem trailer, it'll work on one side. You'll need two if you're going to do both sides. This is a set of chrome wheel locks. It's designed to fit on half-inch wheel studs. It's got a special pattern to it that a standard socket just isn't going to get onto and won't remove. You're going to have two locks and the special key.

Wheel lock sets for your Model S or Model X wheels. Easy-to-use and function like regular lug nuts. Requires a special key tool (comes with the set) for installation and removal. Narrow-groove key patterns and specially coded keys provide maximum security. Through-hardened steel construction.

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  • 24152 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Lock Set M12x1.25
  • 24152 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Lock Set M12x1.25

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It's very easy to install. One thing I do want you to note is when you buy your lock set, it's going to come with a white piece of paper like this. It says, "key number." Right on the end of this key it says, "354." We would write that down, right here on that line, and we're going to put this somewhere safe. The reason being is if we we're ever to lose this lock, preventing us from getting our wheels off our trailer, we can easily send this piece of paper in to the address listed here and they'll send you another key out. The instructions are right there on how to do it, but it's a nice and easy way to safeguard to know you're not going to come up short and won't be able to get your tires removed. Now that we've had a good look over the Redline Locks Wheel Lock Set for the half-inch wheel bolts, that will complete today's look at part number RG01-150. .