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Has anyone had or know of wheel bearing problems with an '06 A3?

Another obvious signal that you have a wheel bearing problem is noise emanating from the wheel. The noise can vary greatly-from a constant chirp or squeak to a low moan or hum. The sound will change depending on your car's speed and whether you are turning or driving straight. A snap, click, or pop heard when cornering or turning sharply indicates worn bearings, usually due to inadequate clamping. A grinding sound is a sure indicator that your hub bearings should be replaced.

I have a 2008 Chrysler T & C, 51,800 miles and buzzing/humming coming from what I thought was the motor for a couple of weeks. Then a vibration in the gas pedad started. Male friend drove the van yesterday and told me my wheelbearings were going. We had driven 40 miles to destination and upon 40 mile return trip, it was already much worse. He told me not to drive the van until it was fixed as it was dangerous. I had van towed to Chrysler dealership and they repaired two wheelbearings under extended warranty. I live in Michigan, so appreciate this. I purchased this Van new, drive it very carefully, and have had it only 5 yrs 5 days today. It’s absolutely the worse on fuel only getting approximately 9.9 – 16 mpg most times. Occasionally will get 18 mpg on highway. Going to sell it even though it’s still in excellent condition. I can’t afford the gas. Would the wheelbearing problem cause mpg to be so poor? Anyone else have horrible mpg with their T & C? This is my second and has been bad since day one.

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    I have a 2012 Chrysler 200 with about 20,000 miles. Now having wheel bearing problems. Also replaced the water pump under warranty and a failed ABS module. Paint on front edge of hood is bubbling up. This is “quality”? Where are the inspectors? Where are the managers and engineers? My car goes back and forth to work in the city…..20 miles per day on suburban streets. I’ve taken one long trip to RI. Other than that it’s just been normal wear and tear and it’s regularly washed. No accidents or abnormal driving conditions. I have NEVER had problems like this with any other car, including other Chryslers. I am very disappointed.