Standard vehicle inspection mirror with round flat lens.

Cardeco Moving Slim Circle Blind Spot Mirror SL Lens 50.8mm 2-pc Set For All Universal Vehicles Car Fit

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CS-ML under vehicle search mirror

Our mirrors fall into two classes; the vehicle inspection mirrors and telescoping inspection mirror. The vehicle inspection mirror is available in seven different models. Six of these models are essentially combinations of the lens type, flat or convex (convex is most popular), wheels or no wheels, lighted or non-lighted.

The Under-Vehicle Search Mirror is ideal for the rapid and effective visual search underneath vehicles and for examining fixed installations for potential hazards and for the location of contraband material. The mirror incorporates a trolley for convenience and has a large convex mirror with fluorescent lighting mounted on castors for manoeuvrability. It offers a wide field of view which can be illuminated by a lamp which can also be used independently as a search lamp.

CS-MT led under vehicle search mirror

  • Spafax is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s best selling range of unbreakable commercial vehicle mirrors, specifically engineered for longevity and guaranteed against lens breakage for ten years.
  • Vehicle Inspection Mirrors for Cars and Trucks

    Automobile inspection mirror - regardless if you are inspecting a car or small truck, the vehicle inspection mirror will be a great choice. For a large tractor trailer or airplane we recommend the truck inspection mirror.

    266:55 Mirrors. – No person shall drive upon any way any closed motor vehicle, or motor vehicle so constructed, equipped, or loaded that the driver is prevented from having a constantly free and unobstructed view of the way immediately in the rear, unless there is attached to the vehicle a mirror or reflector so placed and adjusted as to afford the driver a clear, reflected view of the way in the rear of the vehicle.