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A: No. The sale, offering for sale, advertisement and installation of used converters will be prohibited on all vehicles in New York State effective June 1, 2013. This prohibition does not apply to the sale of used catalytic converters for recycling purposes.

The ARB adopted revised regulations and for the approval of new aftermarketcatalytic converters sold in California. The requirements apply to allnew aftermarket converters produced for sale or sold in Californiaafter January 1, 2009. The requirements also sunset provisions allowingthe sale of certified used catalytic converters beginning July 10,2008. This means that no used converter can be legally advertised forsale, sold, or installed in California after this date.

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  • New Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Requirements & Used Catalytic Converter Prohibition - Frequently asked questions regarding new aftermarket catalytic converter requirements and used catalytic converter prohibition

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Pursuant to regulatory revisions completed in 2012, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (Department) adopted California's aftermarket catalytic converter requirements. These requirements include a) the prohibition of installing used catalytic converters, and b) standards for new aftermarket catalytic converters. These requirements can be found under subdivision . (link leaves DEC's website) New York's aftermarket catalytic converter requirements apply to all model year 1993 and newer on-road motor vehicles, with the exception of the 1995 model year vehicles, certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) including vehicles with 50 state certification. Use of an EPA certified new aftermarket catalytic converter is still permitted on federally certified (not CARB or 50 state) and pre-1993 model year vehicles. Distribution centers located in New York State may continue to supply EPA certified aftermarket catalytic converters for applicable NYS vehicles and for sale outside of New York State.