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The new Turbo Aire Pump was developed to reduce the effort required to pump up a pre-charged pneumatic airgun, in fact, this is the only manual pump available that can be operated by a person weighing only 120 pounds (competitive pumps require nearly 200 pounds). Competitive pumps are based on a multistage linear pump (like bicycle pumps), where you place your body weight over a piston rod and push down. The problem is at 3,000 psi this requires an excessive amount of weight (or force) to operate. One model we tested required 220 pounds to reach 3,000 psi and most pumps require in access of 200 pounds of force to push the handle down at 3,000 psi. Airgunners, being outdoors types, tend to be relatively trim and this is beyond the weight limit of many. The graph below shows the actual force of a competitive pump increasing on the downward stroke at 3000 psi. It takes a great deal of strength to push down the last 2 inches of this pump and doing it multiple times is exhausting.

Crosman’s design team put together this closer look for those curious about the unorthodox appearance of the Turbo Aire and how it contributes to making this the best hand pump ever for PCP airguns.

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Below is the same data for the Crosman Turbo Aire pump. Notice the force on the handle builds immediately to a maximum of 100 pounds and levels off. The work done is actually the same between the two pumps (area under the curves), but the Turbo Aire pump does a better job of distributing the force over the stroke of the pump. HOW?! When you press on the handle of the Turbo Aire pump you do not press directly on the piston rod; you are pressing on a system of levers that are specifically designed to minimize the peak force by creating the force profile you see below.

Crosman announced the new at the 2012 SHOT Show for use with the company’s line of PCP airguns. These popular guns require fillng an air reservoir up to 3,000 PSI and a hand pump is the least expensive fill option. The tradeoff has always been effort required and the Turbo Aire is Crosman’s patent pending response to that need.