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Power Stop JBR1563XPR Evolution Tru-Cast Technology Drilled/Slotted Performance Rotor, Pair

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142 TruStop Disc Brake Calipers with Brackets

For the mid segment, the Ceramic Technology from TruStop brake pads provides dependable braking performance, less dust and safe and smooth stopping. All Tru Stop brake pads are fitted with Silent GuardTM shims designed for sound dampening and reduced vibration brake pads.

When Chicago Driveline customers have to get back on the road as inexpensively as possible, look to Napa’s line of TruStop brake products for a low-priced alternative you can trust. Competition may lead to lower prices, but it will never lead to lowered expectations.

142 TruStop Disc Brake Calipers without Brackets

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    TruStop® is where NAPA Brakes® quality begins. NAPA TruStop brake pads and shoes include all the features needed to provide reliable service and proven protection at entry-level pricing. The TruStop line also includes part numbers for parking brakes.

    I work at an automotive shop in Ohio and we have recently purchased many sets of Napa Tru Stop Brake Pads through Napa Auto Parts. Napa Tru Stop Brake Pads are made with a metallic material, the lowest of the material grades. Although the brake pads stop the car, I have had several customers return to my shop with a squeaking complaint. It seems to me that there is a hard metal material in the brake pads that we warranty. This metal is what is causing all the problems. Im my opinion these Tru Stop Brake Pads are a good choice if you want something reliable but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it. Although they will not last forever and you might hear an occasional squeak for the money its not a bad brake pad . If your a car fanatic you might want to think about going for a higher quality brake pad. If you want to be confident that your brakes with have no noise you will want to go with a ceramic material brake pad. This will assure you that you will not have to replace your brake pads for at least a year. So overall if you need something cheap Napa Tru Stop Brake Pads are the way to go.