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Strange but True Tales of Car Collecting: Drowned Bugattis, Buried Belvederes, Felonious Ferraris and other Wild Stories of Automotive Misadventure


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It’s interesting to note that the 3 top selling car brands in South Africa are , and . The automobiles in today’s photo collection of 12 strange cars might have a badge from one of these hidden away under something, you never know. Click on the image(s) below to see the larger version of the image

When you’re young you look forward to the day that you turn 18 years old – the age when you can get your driver’s licence and finally drive into the sunset or sunrise if you want or need to. One is normally not worried about your first car. I think the statement “as long as it has four wheels and it goes” applies in this instance. Some of us have probably driven some strange cars over the years, that wouldn’t be surprising at all.

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9 Car Sounds You Shouldn't Ignore

Clunk, thump, whine, screeech, clackety clackety or the mechanic's all-time favorite, "It sounds like there's a squirrel under my hood," are all car noises that give drivers the chills--and they could spell trouble.

Knowing which sounds you should never ignore--and how to best describe them to a mechanic--could save you lots of grief and money.

Don Rauch, director of dealer communications for Meineke Car Care Centers, suggests following a few key steps before talking to your mechanic. "First, make a note of when you hear these strange noises," says Rauch. "Being able to describe the circumstances that create the sound help narrow the possible causes."

Strange car sounds can be just nuisance noises or signs of something more ominous. Certain sounds should not be ignored as they can indicate a serious problem.

If you hear:

1. Clunking or thumping can mean a defective universal joint, prop shaft or rear differential.

2. Heavy knocking or pounding from the engine/drive train can mean worn crankshaft bearings, bad connecting rods or loose bolts in the automatic gearbox torque converter.

3. Pinking or pinging can mean the fuel you are using is too low quality for your engine. This can be remedied easily by switching to a higher-octane fuel or having the ignition timing checked.

4. Metallic screeching or scraping can be a sign of worn brake pads.

5. Squealing can mean a loose fan belt or loose fan/air-conditioning compressor belt.

6. Thudding or thumping can mean a loose pulley or loose exhaust pipe.

7. A low-pitched rumble can mean wheel-bearing wear.

8. A ticking sound that increases in speed as the engine is revved can mean non-lubricated tappets due to low or dirty oil.

9. Whining can mean differential or transmission wear.

--From the Editors at Netscape


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Let’s face it folks, nowadays humans can’t function without . We use them daily to get around. Some of us rely on them so we can earn our salaries. There are some interesting cars out there and I’d like to showcase some of them today with a photo collection of 12 strange cars.

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