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ACDelco D328A GM Original Equipment Ignition Distributor Cap

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This is to express my thanks for the excellent service you recently provided me. The Hot Spark electronic distributor has behaved faultlessly during our 17,000 miles trip through South and Central America.

IMG002: This is the Opti-Spark distributor cap. You can easily see how far the terminals are from each other. This greatly improved the low speed performance of the new LT1 engine. At least until the whole distributor failed.

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This new Opti-Spark distributor was supposed to be the greatest thing since GM did away with ignition points. Instead there was an internal mistake and the Opti-Spark caused Corvette owners a tremendous amount of aggravation.

use a mechanical spark to distribute a high voltage current to the correct at the correct time. In order to set an initial timing advance or timing retard for an engine, the engine is allowed to idle and the is adjusted to achieve the best ignition timing for the engine at idle speed. This process is called 'setting the base advance'. There are two methods of increasing timing advance past the base advance. The advances achieved by these methods are added to the base advance number in order to achieve a total timing advance number.