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Harlem Shake: Montgomery Shock 2002

"SHOCK VIDEO 2002" is one notch better than "SHOCK VIDEO 2001". Again, presented by HBO and narrated by none other than Maureen McCormick, "SV2" focuses on television programs from around the world that feature sex and 'shocking' moments caught on video.

The sex in this edition of "SHOCK VIDEO" is a bit more explicit than the first installment. This time, we get to witness Japanese women urinating on each other, a woman participating in a game show where she sniffs men's buttocks seeking out her husband's gleutus maximus while wearing a blindfold and the obligatory clips of Russian women baring their breasts on live late-night variety shows.

One segment I was especially amazed to witness was a Japanese show where two men were competing against each other to see how much semen they could 'pump out' over the course of a weekend. The two men also receive 'incentives' such as two naked Japanese women standing over them while practicing oral sex on each other... this was a bit more footage than I actually bargained for!

In "SHOCK VIDEO 2002", we actually get to see videos that shock us, or more correctly, disgust us. One of the more outstanding segments would include a man chowing down on animal manure. Throw in the obligatory Japanese game shows that feature men guzzling down carafes of beer while sitting in a tub of ice, the contestant who can hold out the longest without urinating being the winner, and you have the final piece of the puzzle.

Of course, the narrative by Maureen McCormick delivers hilarity once again. Smart one-liners and witty cracks at a play on words that suggest sexuality, such as, "She'll enjoy pumping him for information!" will satisfy the pervertedness in all of us. The final segment includes a clever animation that I remember seeing many years ago that features a naughty adult adaption of Jack And The Beanstalk and a female harp with huge accessories.

Overall, "SHOCK VIDEO 2002" is a massive improvement over the first installment.

I rate this one 7 out of 10.

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