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APDTY 043213 Front Drive/Propeller Shaft CV Joint Kit (Replaces OE 15114530)

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The specialists here at PartsGeek know what it's like to take pride in your vehicle, and so we are on a mission to help you find the right Replacement CV joint kit. People who love their cars understand that only top quality aftermarket and OEM parts should be used for maintenance and repairs. Bestselling carmakers understand the inherent importance of great performance. Car or truck enthusiasts who enjoy optimized vehicles know that absolutely nothing is more important than having the most durable replacement parts for your vehicle. Your car or truck's CV joint kit is an indispensable element of your driveshaft. A well-maintained CV joint kit is designed to transfer force at a steady rate, even at an angle. In the event that the car's CV joint kit is cracked or otherwise damaged, a new part will be necessary. Your vehicle's CV joint kit is covered by a rubber sheath which is referred to as a CV boot.

Just spent this weekend replacing the CV joint boot, which is basically the same steps as replacing the joint. - Before you begin, borrow (normally free) a CV Joint Puller/or transaxle puller from a local auto store. It should be the kind with the 5 lb sliding weight. Also, get a clamping tool, if the new boot with clamps are the type that need the clamping tool (about $5). You can save a lot of time by getting a 36mm socket for the wheel nut.

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robin Comments: I'm in the process of replacing a CV joint boot on the inner CV joint. I have followed the instructions up to an including removing the circlip however I can't pull the cv joint off the drive shaft. The inner race seems stuck on the spine. Is this normal - any tips on pulling it off ? I have not removed the exhaust yet so when I pull I only have limited apace before the cv joint will clash with the transmission casing so I'm not sure whether there will be enough space to remove the joint even if it starts to move on the spine - do I need to take the exhaust off ? any help appreciated as I'm trying to get up and running for next weekend
January 4, 2014
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: It should pull off. Sometimes the snap ring sticks. Try moving it away from wheel, then back. If you feel you need more room, I would remove the muffler. - Nick at Pelican Parts  

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Well, that about sums up the job of diagnosing, maintaining and replacing CV joints. I hope you find it to be an enjoyable task. It will increase your standing in your local circle of VW friends immensely!

Replacing the CV joint in a front wheel drive car can be a difficult job, but with expert instructions it can be easy. Learn how to replace a CV joint in this free auto repair video series.