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These gauges can be obtain from numerous sources on the internet. One such place is ProCarParts. They sell these gauges both on their website as well as on Ebay. The prices range from $23.95 USD on up depending which site you obtain them from.

OK, then I ordered replacement bulbs, and even called them to confirm the type that I needed. I ordered, and I get a blue set. I go to get them installed, and they're the wrong bulbs. So I have to buy the bulbs again (not from procarparts), and the new bulbs fail a week later. Turns out this is due to the entire lamp and bulb assembly getting loose, and the vibration was blowing the bulbs. This time the high beam went too. They state on their website that they're not responsible for anything after seven days (warranty wise). But $300 is no small deal, it's a lot of money. All of this could have been forgiven, but when I wrote them an e-mail to tell them that this was a defective product, they never even responded. That was the biggest insult of all. Not the false advertising, or the incompetence of sending me the wrong bulbs, or sending me bad equipment. Just the arrogance of not responding to my complaint. Won't be shopping there again, plenty of other websites out there, but better yet, I'll stick to in-person shops, where they can't hide."

ProCarParts Euro Clear Side Markers;


HCI they show procarparts in the mags.

I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anybody ever bought from Pro Car Parts. I'm looking into buying clear corner lenses for my Runner and they're selling it for $29.99 and I don't know which company makes it. What I'm looking for is something that is reliable as my Runner and having a good seal where water wouldn't seep in as we see with most aftermarket lenses. Thanks.

As its name denotes, the ProCarParts website is an online store where a broad scope of car parts can be purchased. The featured categories are grouped on the left-hand side of the main page, and these include performance parts and products along with items such as tail lights, brake systems and engine parts. The latest additions to the catalog are prominently highlighted, whereas a section entitled “Specials” lists items that can be...