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Tool Parts Direct has 850,000 power tool parts and 30,000 schematics.

Sewing Machine Specialists also carry a range of parts for Embroidery Machines, including spare parts and accessories for the latest computerised models of embroidery machine.

All the sources are pictorial or are specified as listing external (a.k.a. superficial) parts, so that, for instance, when stomach appears in the list (2 times), the word means ‘belly, abdomen’ and not the internal organ. (Rough) synonyms are grouped together; so bottom, bum, and buttocks have been grouped together (5 occurrences in all).

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  • List of the Parts of an Electric Guitar.

    (Several of the sources, especially those aimed at kids, are quite modest — one Canadian source has the genital area covered by a maple leaf! — so that sexual parts are underrepresented in the list.)

    The point of the exercise is to get a feel for which terms are the most basic — most available and most salient — and from the terms to infer which anatomical categories are most basic, most significant in the way we view the human body. (One of parts I was initially interested in, the armpit or underarm, gets only 1 mention.) The approach is familiar from other areas of vocabulary and categorization, in particular color terms and color categories — but the body domain is notably complex.