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Bande a Part is one of Godard’s faster, quicker films. Movies like Breathless and Contempt contain scenes that spent a large amount of time in one place, but Bande a Part is constantly moving. Like all of Godard’s early films, it is fairly dialogue-driven. The soundtrack is one of those peppy, jazzy scores that plays quietly but noticeably in the background, maintaining the pace. The film does not particularly stand out among the others of its time, it may be said. A friend of mine once said that if you watched this film back to back with Francois Truffaut’s Shoot the Piano Player, it would almost feel like the same film being viewed twice. A joke, of course, but there are similarities between the film. Bande a Part is one of the many films that adopted New Wave techniques; the two films may seem similar, but this is simply because they were made at the same time when cinema was in a unique stage of development. I see them as two very different movies.

Jean-Luc Godard’s Bande a Part is distinctly reminiscent of his first feature Breathless. There are fewer jump cuts or confusing editing but one can’t help but think of that film when they hear Bande a Part‘s storyline. But the difference is that Bande a Part is a love triangle rather than a direct examination of a couple’s relationship. Franz and Arthur are two thieves who establish a relationship with Odile, a young woman who agrees to help them steal money from her wealthy relatives.

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Five months until Breaking Dawn – Part 2 hits the big screen! I am a massive fan of the books and I simply can’t wait for the final installment in the movie franchise!

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