Here is the new Tatuus Cosworth MSV F4 with ORAM Shockabsorbers

ORAM Step 3 Off Road shock absorber with reservoir

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ORAM Step 3 high-performance Off Road shockabsorbers are strong heavy-duty shock absorbers, filled with high pressure nitrogen gas. ORAM Step 3 shock absorbers are made individually for each customer. Thus, they can be tailored to the personal wishes of our customers and the technical requirements of the given suspension situation. As ORAM shock absorbers can be filled with nitrogen gas between 5 or 20 Bar of pressure, the shocks work perfectly with the springs. The ORAM Step 3 shockabsorber is 40 times adjustable in the degree of compression.

Bowler Tomcat For Sale
Recently built in this year 2015. Not used yet for the first time (0km)
Range Rover V8 200hp engine, 1500kg total weight, Oram Shock absorbers
Race documentation and street documentation homologation option.
All ready to go!

Brand new parts: - Rear shock absorber ORAM (ref

  • 300 BHP BMW X5 engine, 3L diesel
  • SADEV sequential 6 speed gearbox
  • BMW M5 LSD differentials
  • ORAM Shock absorbers
  • Military standard electrical system
  • AP racing brakes
  • Hydraulic quicklift race jack
  • Full carbon body
  • Sparco safety equipment
  • Plus some other stuff…


Mercedes C 63 AMG 6-speed Bacci sequential gearbox - Bacci Limited slip differential - transmission oil cooling system - Differential Cooling oil system - ORAM Shock absorbers with 4 step regulations, Eilbach springs - AP Racing brake. Available in Italy. Ex Formula 1 Liuzzi driver raced on in the Official Italian Championship. Price is negotiable. €59,500.00 EUR

off-road heavy-duty shock absorbers are single-tube shock absorbers with high-pressure gas charge. ORAM Step 2 shock absorbers are made ​​individually for each customer. They can thus be tailored to the requirements and given suspension properties. ORAM shock absorbers can be filled with nitrogen from min. 5 bar to 20 bar. Thus, the shock absorbers work in the optimal interaction with the suspension.