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The NISSAN Maxima oxygen sensor supplies real time information about the engine's exhaust gas oxygen content to the powertrain control module. This information is used primarily to help calculate fuel delivery to the engine, which changes continuously while it is running. If the engine is running lean, the powertrain control module will sense this from the oxygen sensor's signal and increase the fuel supplied to the engine. Conversely, just the opposite occurs when the engine begins to run rich. On OBDII-(1996 and later) equipped vehicles, the sensors are also used to help determine the efficiency of the catalytic converter. The powertrain control module does this by comparing the signal of the sensor located at the inlet of the catalytic converter with the signal of the sensor located at the outlet of the converter.

NISSAN Maxima oxygen sensors have a limited service period, replace as recommended in the owner's manual or when other conditions dictate, such as failing an emissions test or an oxygen sensor related diagnostic code from the powertrain control module indicating a faulty oxygen sensor. Some pre 1996 vehicles have an oxygen sensor light that appears when oxygen sensor replacement is needed.

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    Some symptoms of a faulty NISSAN Maxima oxygen sensor include poor gas mileage, a failed emissions test, "rotten-eggs" smell from the exhaust, poor engine performance. A faulty oxygen sensor will cause the Service Engine Soon or Check Engine light to appear, it's best to have the cause checked out immediately by a professional technician.

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