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Subsec. (d)(2). , as amended by , to correct typographical error in directory language, inserted “(other than motorcycles or motorcycle engines)” after “motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine”.

The Administrator, by regulation, shall require (subject to the provisions of regarding the protection of methods or processes entitled to protection as trade secrets) manufacturers to provide promptly to any person engaged in the repairing or servicing of motor vehicles or motor vehicle engines, and the Administrator for use by any such persons, with any and all information needed to make use of the emission control diagnostics system prescribed under this subsection and such other information including instructions for making emission related diagnosis and repairs. No such information may be withheld under if that information is provided (directly or indirectly) by the manufacturer to franchised dealers or other persons engaged in the repair, diagnosing, or servicing of motor vehicles or motor vehicle engines. Such information shall also be available to the Administrator, subject to , in carrying out the Administrator’s responsibilities under this section.

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, , , provided that the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency conduct a study and report to the Congress by the date one year after , on the emission of sulfur-bearing compounds from motor vehicles and motor vehicle engines and aircraft engines.

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