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Designed for better performance and long life The advanced technology in designing Parsia Monotube High Pressure Gas Shock Absorbers with the aim of improving Performance and extending the Life of this component, has resulted in developing all types of telescopic shock absorbers as well as McPherson struts. The unique internal design of parsia monotube shock absorbers with the aid of Specially designed single unit Multistage valve Complex,and (MVC) has lead us to development of Shock absorbers that can provide optimum Ride Comfort and Control & Handling capabilities with out any compromise. Independent tuning of compression and rebound damping forces is the main feature of our multistage valve complex the unique design of MVC has also resulted in exceptional durability and Long life of Parsia monotube Gas Shock Absorbers. Monotube Shock absorbers are generally constructed of four major sub assemblies.

Bilstein Monotube Shock Absorbers and Struts are the ideal choice for absolute mastery of the road surface. These Bilstein shocks and struts 24-185783 increase durability and performance while maintaining ride comfort.

Monroe Sensa-Trac Monotube Shock Absorbers

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Shocks - MX6 Monotube Shock Absorber By Pro Comp

How It Works
The Nivomat is like an ordinary monotube shock absorber with a hydraulic piston, tube and accumulator. There are two different configurations of the shock. The first looks like a conventional twin tube air shock with a dust cover. What appears as a dust cover houses the high pressure accumulator and low pressure oil reservoir.

Bilstein Shocks AK7114S03 46mm Monotube Shock Absorber 7100 Series - 35.22 in. Extended - 20.83 in. Collapsed - Compression/Rebound .52m/s 750/1800