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ATP FX-194 Automatic Transmission Modulator Valve

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A: Look at the transmission on the passenger side of the car. The modulator valve is in attached to the side (passenger side in your case I think) of the transmission, right about 2/3 towards the rear of the transmission., right before the tail of the transmission bolts to the main body of the transmission. It's a round piece about 2 1/2" diameter and has a vacuum hose going into it.

A: Let me know when you find that modulator on your 700r..... GM never used a modulator valve on the 700r4, the line pressure is controled by the detent cable that hooks to either the carb or throttle body depending on application and the governor driven by the tailshaft controls your shift points....

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Replace a leaking modulator valve on your transmission to restore proper operation and gear changes. The modulator valve is a device that regulates hydraulic line pressure in a transmission to meet varying load conditions.

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A: Happy to assist you Steve! This Modulator Valve does not need adjustment; it comes preset for your application so adjusting it may aggravate your issue. With what you are describing it may be a separate issue all together because of how many miles you have. I suggest taking your truck to a certified mechanic to have a look. He/she may check the fluid condition, if metal flakes are found in the fluid there may be an indication of something internal with your transmission.