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If you're wondering how local parts work, they work because certain objects aren't replicated to the roblox server. If you've ever tried making a message for a single player, you may see a warning in the output window that says "replication illegal instance." Local parts utilize the fact that messages don't replicate to the server, in order to keep the bricks local to a single client's computer .

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  • Local parts are in no way supported by ROBLOX. They exploit unspecified replication behaviour - at any given moment, the development team could release an update that changes how Camera and Message instances behave, preventing you from making local parts.
  • Talbots Inc; Csk Auto Corporation; ..

    In order to make local parts, you need to run lua code on the client - this is most easily done with a . This should be placed in the StarterPack or StarterGui, because it will then be cloned into the and and run, each time a player's character spawns.

    Local parts are that are visible and interacted with by only a single .Another property of local parts is that due to their nature, they inherently respond faster. If you are worried about server lag affecting your animations, you can use local parts to do the animation.