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Since the year 2000, our Orlando junk yard has been operating and selling Orlando auto parts, junkyard car parts, and junkyard auto supplies. Most of our auto parts are guaranteed to work. We can deliver your specific auto part within a day or two depending on the volume of current orders. Our Online junk yard inventory is accurate and we are buying many junk cars daily to keep our car part, used engine & transmission selection fresh for our customers.

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Most people go to junkyards for parts; handles, cylinder heads, lights, glass, body panels, and suspension pieces are popular. There are other things to do in junkyards, though. Treasure hunters pick out expensive parts and sell them online—airbag modules and computer boxes are targets here. But there are other treats to be found. A wall of metal hubcaps or a chandelier made of hood ornaments can spruce up the garage nicely. You can find switches, speakers, air springs, and other widgets useful for DIY projects. My favorite junkyard pastime is learning. Every car is made a little different, and any engineer will tell you the best way to understand how a thing works is to take it apart. Find a car with a part you don't understand, such as a differential or transfer case, take it apart, and then try putting it back together. If it doesn't go back, that's okay. Got a big project coming up and want some practice? Junkyards are a great way to try out a repair or modification before the real deal. The junkyard is really what you make of it—whether you go for parts or mechanical voyeurism, just make sure to get your hands dirty.