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xenLIGHT® H4H/L LED Headlight Conversion Kit Replaces Halogen and HID Cree Bulbs X2 Low/High Beam

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H4H bulb fits headlights made in Japan

Appearance is also a factor when comparing H4H bulbs. Some bulbs offerlimited choices when considering color options. However, with *HB*,the hue of our H4H bulbs is up to you. We offer our H4H bulbs in ourexclusive range of colors; Ultra Violet, Hyper White, Yellow and PureBlue. With such a distinctive range of colors, it allows your car to becustomized to deliver a truly unique look while providing a powerful beamof light.

Our H4H bulbs can be much more advantageous over other bulbs. To beginwith, these bulbs offer superior lighting, making them the perfect bulb toreplace worn out, dull stock halogen bulbs. Additionally, the brightnessthat these bulbs deliver is much more reminiscent of high-end HIDapplications. With a boost in light output, these bulbs can significantlyimprove the amount of visibility and safety. Greater visibility means thatobjects ahead of your vehicle, as well as road markings, can be easilynoticed when compared with stock halogen bulbs, making our H4H bulbs apowerful safety feature, even in foul weather conditions.

Lumens H4H HID Bulbs (Pair) 6000K | Importel Ltd

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  • Lumens H4H HID Bulbs (Pair) 8000K | Importel Ltd

    *HB* H4H bulbs also are manufactured with the highest qualitycomponents and materials, enduring their long-term performance andbrilliant shine. To top it off, our bulbs feature free express shipping inthe U.S. and a 1 year guarantee and warranty. When considering H4H bulbs,*HB* offers high performance and value which is why they have becomesome of the most sought after bulbs in the market.

    Polarg B1 Hybrid Halogen H4H bulbs 3900K - European White. Fits many JDM Headlamps such as the DA Integra 90-93, EG6 92-95, EF8 88-91, EF9 88-91 or any headlights that uses the H4H bulbs type. The power consumption is a mere 60W/55W but the output is 110W/100W! 40% brighter than stock halogens lights. Lights the road up in a bright white color. Brand new in sealed box from Polarg. Made in Japan.