Specify 3C engine processparameters.

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Running the 3C Engine Process - Oracle Help Center

Use PeopleSoft ProcessScheduler to run the 3C engine background process and process 3C eventsin the background at a future time. You can run the process by selectingthe IDs stored in the trigger table results, or by selecting the IDsusing mass change definitions or Population Selection, or a combinationof the three.

Manufacturer A uses virtual simulation in their engine development process (for structural limits, NVH, fatigue, dynamics, lubrification, etc.). They have a big analysis department, but strangely the engine engineers still do a vast majortiy of their simulation on physical prototypes – they just don’t have enough confidence in their virtual simulation processes. Today’s economic situation is cripling this company where teams are much smaller (contractors have been fired), budgets are even tighter BUT better products need to get out of the door faster than ever to stay competitive.

See the “SNMP Engine Process” section.

  • Invoke Engine to Process Transaction. This step calls the method ProcessObject of the LOY Processing Engine Business Service, which invokes the Loyalty Engine in real-time mode to process the transaction.
  • Running the Close Application Engine Process (GLPCLOSE)

    Thus, integrated simulation tools can now be an integral part of the engineering process by providing early input into the feasibility of new ideas and continous validation of detailed designs right up to the moment when physical prototypes are needed for final validation. This may all happen so much quicker that the prototypes can be built earlier!

    The engine rebuild process map was created to show how Process Maps can be used as a guide for mechanical repairs. By using TaskMap to create directions for a repair procedure both time and money are saved. Process maps can be used to describe how a process is meant to be done; creating a best practice standard for how the repair is done. The repetition of doing a repair in a predetermined process greatly cuts the number of mistakes made and significantly reduces the amount of time that the repair takes. Costs for mistakes made during a repair usually eliminates any profit made from the repair, as well as costs in equipment down time.