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Most caliper disc brakes currently available are either controlled pneumatically or hydraulically. The new spring applied electric caliper disc brake (ENB-300CP), from Ogura, uses a series of springs to apply force to a common steel disc (customer supplied) and is released when voltage/current is applied. Since this brake operates electrically and only needs a simple two wire hook up, installation costs are far less than pneumatic and hydraulic brakes which require supply lines and compressed air or hydraulic fluid. The brake is approximately 7 inches in length, 5 inches in width and 6 inches in height. It can produce 710 lbs. of axial force and is made to operate with a disc thickness of 12.5 mm. Normal operating voltage is 45 volts but typically over excitation is used to get a quick response, so the brake is made to operate with an over excitation of 90 volts.

In the 7 years and after shipping over 3000 RV’s with electronic Disc brakes, the single biggest feedback we get from novice and less experienced drivers is the confidence they have with this braking system. More importantly, the more experienced driver rests easily in the passenger seat!

Testing Electric Motorcycle Disc Brakes

Quantity1 piece(s)
ColorSilver + black
MaterialIron alloy + plastic
Compatible TypeUniversal
Compatible MakeNo
Compatible ModelElectric cars
Compatible YearUniversal
FunctionBraking systems for electric vehicles; Comes with disc brakes and brake levers
Packing List1 x Electric car disc brakes
1 x Brake lever (160cm-length)
2 x Iron sheets
1 x Bag of parts

Industrial Disc Brakes - Industrial Disc Brake System | Hindon

Disc brakes do not have these issues to deal with and are relatively simple with fewer moving parts. Unfortunately, they are not available in an electrically actuated system like the aforementioned electric brakes. They are only available hydraulically actuated. In order to take advantage of disc technology, a new device has been developed to allow for electrically actuated disc brakes. It is called the Electric over Hydraulic Actuator. This device is nothing more than an electrically driven hydraulic pump and relief valve that is controlled by the standard cab mounted Electric Brake Controller, typically used for standard electric drum brakes.

You will read that a vehicle has a published towing capacity. One reason for this limit is the braking capacity of the vehicle and its Gross Vehicle Weight. As a Guide, we recommend that unless your off road caravan or camper has electronic Disc brakes, keep the towable ATM to less than 75% of the vehicles GVW (when loaded). Otherwise, on braking there is a greater risk that the RV’s braking will be inferior to the vehicle and the RV will “push” the vehicle in an emergency.