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Lund 600638 Catch-All Carpet Gray Front Floor Mat - Set of 2

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Lund 600638 Catch-All Carpet Gray Front Floor Mat - Set of 2

Made with a rubberized backing, Nifty and Catch-All floor mats will hold the big spills or hold all the melted snow your boots can hold. You don't have to sacrifice the looks of your vehicle just to get protection for your car carpet. Nifty Catch All Floor Mats are a Non-Carpeted style vehicle mat, the Catch-All Premiums offer the same great rubber backing and shaped floor liner, but have the added benefit of a carpeted surface. Catch-It mats are also available, they feature a slightly lower profile custom fit, and non-carpeted surface.

Investing in catch all floor mats for your home, or car, can be a great way to ensure that your floors are protected from whatever could possibly seek to damage them. These are great thick mats that completely protect any surface from spills, as well as general wear and tear. They are ideal for vehicles, as you’re usually getting in from the outside, so your feet are likely to be dirty, especially during a storm or other form of bad weather. But they can also be great for the home especially in the garage, where you can suffer oil spills and major corrosive materials of all different kinds. In any scenario catch all floor mats are going to protect your flooring, and they are a sound investment when you want to get the most out of your materials.

Lund - Catch-All Carpet Floor Mats - JCWhitney

  • A new look comes to your interior with Lund Catch All Premium Floor Mats
  • Plush carpet coverage for your vehicle floor
  • OEM-style nylon perfectly matches your interior
  • Special heel pad keeps shoes from wearing through carpet
  • Moisture barrier treatment prevents stains and makes for easy, hose-off cleaning
  • Raised outer lip keeps spills contained
  • Select mats for front, 2nd or 3rd row


The way that catch all floor mats are designed, is using a special very thick and absorbent fabric. This way, spills sink right into the surface, so that they can’t splash out onto other areas of the floor. But what’s more, they get trapped within the mat, so that they can’t leak through to the other side. This means complete protection for your vehicle or home floor surface, so that you really don’t need to worry about the condition of the floor under any circumstances. You’ll never have to worry about a spill or regular wear and tear again, and you can really enjoy working in your garage, or riding in your car, completely worry free.

Of course, you want to find the right type of catch all floor mats to add to your lifestyle, and that means thinking about where you need them the most. When it comes to car use, they are almost essential, so that you can protect the carpeting underneath, and ensure that you’re able to guarantee the quality of your vehicle’s floor. All you have to do is find a type that’s meant for vehicle use, so that you can be sure it will uniquely mold to the car’s slanted floor surface. But what’s more, you may want to choose a matching color as well, so that you can be sure you have the perfect addition to blend right in, but give you the protection that you really want.