Now a collection of super car dashboard designs (sorted by alphabet).

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I believe that most would agree that running an organization requires efforts toward increased agility, decisiveness, and an ability to accurately consider the range of potential outcomes. To this end, consider what appears on a car dashboard in a car that is designed for the active driver (such as a Ferrari Formula 1 car, a Porsche Le Mans racer, or something assembled on a smaller scale for the weekend track racer, like a , a , or the ):

Each DashMat is custom made. We buy your specific cars dashboard, our craftsmen make a custom pattern, and then we make samples until we get a perfect fit.

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    One of the key features of the dashboard in any car is the fact that it is on a ‘single page’. Car dashboards are usually very simple and it doesn’t take us more than a few seconds to familiarize ourselves in a new vehicle. Could you imagine driving a car with a complicated dashboard? Could you imagine having to scroll through multiple pages to get a speed reading while you are driving down the German Autobahn with 200 km/h? The answer is no.

    Using better dashboards on the Web is so effective that it has even spilled over into automotive design. People want visually engaging, game-like views on the data in their lives. fact and have begun prototyping a brand new car dashboard. The trick, they said, was not making the infographics too complex and keeping the dashboard from distracting drivers.