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MOLDED car carpet kits, truck carpets, van carpets, and suv carpet kits are generally available for vehicles from 1965 to present and can be upgraded with a heavy black rubber backing called MASS BACKING. If your vehicle is older than 1965, you may need to order a CUT & SEWN carpet kit. This type of carpet kit is made by cutting the material, then sewing it to match the contours of the vehicle floor.

Clean the whole carpet. Mix a spray bottle that consists of 1/4 cup of vinegar, 1 tsp. of dish detergent, and top the container off with hot water. Spray the entire carpet and then work the solution in with a hard bristled brush. Do this in a circular motion and work from one side of the car carpet to the other.

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  • Heat and Sound Insulation for under your New Car Carpet
  • China Car Carpet Mat - China carpet car mat, tufted carpet car mat

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