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The following is a video showing Brembo doing brake tests on carbon-carbon F1 brakes: If a brake rotor was a single cast chunk of steel, it would have terrible heat dissipation properties and leave nowhere for the vapourised gas to go. Because of this, brake rotors are typically modified with all manner of extra design features to help them cool down as quickly as possible as well as dissapate any gas from between the pads and rotors. The diagram here shows some examples of rotor types with the various modification that can be done to them to help them create more friction, disperse more heat more quickly, and ventilate gas. From left to right. 1: Basic brake rotor. 2: Grooved rotor - the grooves give more bite and thus more friction as they pass between the brake pads They also allow gas to vent from between the pads and the rotor. 3: Grooved, drilled rotor - the drilled holes again give more bite, but also allow air currents (eddies) to blow through the brake disc to assist cooling and ventilating gas. 4: Dual ventilated rotors - same as before but now with two rotors instead of one, and with vanes in between them to generate a vortex which will cool the rotors even further whilst trying to actually 'suck' any gas away from the pads.

Changing the brakes on your car is something that every man should know how to do. I say this because you will have to do brakes several times in your life and you will not only save a lot of money by doing it yourself, but you’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing that you did the job yourself, a sense of accomplishment that can’t be bought.

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The other (and probably more time-effective) option is to buy new rotors and replace your old ones. It's a good idea to swap out the pads at the same time. At 55,000 miles, if you haven't done a front brake job on your car, you're not far off from having to do one anyway.

The design of the front brakes on these cars makes brake rebuild quite simple. The front rotors are designed to be easily removed/replaced and are a seperate from the front hub/bearing assembly. These instructions that follow will show you how to remove/replace the front brake pads and install new rotors. Let's get started...