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Bilstein 24-186735 Front Shock for GM K2500 and 3500

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Bilstein HD Rear Shocks Install

Bilstein HD shock absorbers, installation by RSpeed of Marietta, GA
Absolutely incredible upgrade. These are also famous for their longevity plus they are rebuildable. Well worth the price. Also, the installation by RSpeed was excellent. RSpeed sells and installs those shocks and I definitely recommend them for their expertise, professionalism and good business ethics.
My '92 Silverstone with 142K miles developed a brake noise. I took the car to RSpeed to replace the rear brakes and found (as I already suspected) that the shocks were the original ones and undoubtedly were totally worn out. I decided to change the shocks and Joe at RSpeed ordered those for me for a very competitive price. They arrived the next day and Hector installed them with the original springs. I wanted to keep the springs as I did not want the ride to suffer or the cat to drop. Hector also made/installed the dust covers. When I got the car back, I simply could not believe the difference! It was incredibly better riding, smoother, firmer yet much more comfortable. The car even became quieter and rattles went away. Frankly, it rode like a new car. I expected good results but I was pleased beyond all expectations from this upgrade. The installtion cost can be a bit steep since it's a somewhat difficult and time consuming job. I could have done it myself but frankly, Hector can do it faster and better and with no mistakes (after all, they are the most experienced people with Miatas). Anyway, I can recommend these Bilstein HD shock absorbers without reservation. They are an excellent product and dont need any adjustments. They are made and tuned for the Miata and work flawlessly with the stock springs. Oh yeah, I'd also recommend RSpeed foe their excellent pricing, prompt delivery and installetion.

The Bilstein heavy duty series is perfect for a wide range of customers. Whether you are hauling a horse trailer or taking your truck off-road, Bilstein HD shocks are a great choice for your truck or suv. Bilstein shocks feature a superior monotube design that is constructed to maximize heat dissipation which will extend shock life, and improve control and handling characteristics.

IS300 Bilstein HD Shocks with H&R Springs

  • Vehicle: 2002 Chevrolet Silverado K1500
    • Miles Driven on:
      Red Wing, mn
    • Vehicle Miles:
      Driving Style:
    • Shocks:
      Bilstein HD Shock
      Chassis Products:
    • Spring:
    March 07, 2010
    What a difference these shocks made! It is like a different truck.
  • Bilstein HD Shocks review for Chevy TrailBlazer

    Bilstein Heavy Duty shock absorbers are designed to give your vehicle great suspension performance. These shocks are made to be used on trucks and SUVs. Using a mono-tube gas design, the shocks will adjust to the conditions of the road for you. Whether off-road or on a street it will improve your overall drive by giving you better handling and control without loosing the comfort of your ride. They are also very useful when you have to haul something heavy, or when you have to go off road every once and a while. Designed to improve your ride whether hauling something or just driving from point A to point B. Bilstein HD shocks come in a blue and yellow design scheme.