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I went to see it and the first thing that came to light is that it was registered in April 1973 not 1974. However, there was no frame number on the bike but the log book says Cheney4. I returned home to england and rang Simon Cheney who continues where his dad left off (more of him later in the blog no doubt). He tells me that his dad never thought that his creations would be “sought after” in years to come so didn’t always keep track of frame numbers. I Googled about a bit and tried to find a bit more about the Met. Police team in 1973. It was Dave Randall, Dave Hobbs and Dennis Glover - but I am running out of time before the auction ends. Jeff Farmer met my vendor criteria if I see something want: I only buy stuff from people I like. Given it’s an ex police bike I thought the log book would be squeaky clean. So, I stuck a bid via Bidmate and thought I’d never win it in a squillion years.

makes searching easy and convenient for the average consumers. They provide links to a huge variety of websites. You can find a salvage pool located in your state or one nearby. Bidmate advertises that they are "designed for the fast pace of an auction." They feature over 400 integrated salvage auctions and over 30,000 vehicles. They also automatically calculate the value of a vehicle. With just one click, vehicles are sorted and evaluated. Bidmate will even suggest how much to pay for each vehicle and make it faster to price parts. This is definitely a website to consider when searching for used autos from salvage pools.

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