Basic Design Components of Fuel Systems

Fuel System Basics

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Fuel Systems: Fuel System Components

The fuel injector system in your car or truck works in essentially the same fashion. To ensure the fuel injection systems complete their intended purpose, the fuel must be transferred effectively to the fuel tank. The low-pressure part of the fuel system has several components, including the supply pumps, the fuel filters, and the fuel tank. Plus, many fuel systems have heaters and coolers to better regulate fuel temperature. Below is an explanation of the basic components of a fuel injector system, so you will have a better idea what to look for during routine maintenance or an emergency repair.

The basic components of a fuel system include tanks, lines, valves,pumps, filtering units, gauges, warning signal, and primer. Some systemswill include central refueling provisions, fuel dump valves, and a meansfor transferring fuel. In order to clarify the operating principles ofcomplex aircraft fuel systems, the various units are discussed in the followingparagraphs.

These fuel system components are mounted on the accessory gearbox ..

Module 12: Basic Fuel Systems and Components