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Interior oil smells and engine oil leaks are often caused by leaking valve cover gaskets or cam chain tensioner gaskets. Blauparts tech tip write-ups and instructional videos show you how to inspect your Audi valve cover gaskets or Audi cam tensioner gaskets of oil leaks. These write-ups and corresponding videos help to determine if your Audi valve cover gasket or Audi cam tensioner gaskets are leaking oil. What does Audi valve cover gasket repair and replacement involve? Watch our video which shows a basic replacement overview of the Audi valve cover gaskets and cam chain tensioner gaskets.

The most common indication of an oil leak is a foul burning odor in the interior of your Audi. In our own service facility we've serviced many 2.8L, 2.7L, 1.8L, and V8 engines that have problems with Audi cam tensioner gaskets and Audi valve cover gaskets leaking oil. TIP: Blauparts highly recommends replacing the Audi valve cover gaskets and Audi cam tensioner gaskets during timing belt replacement. From a labor standpoint, it's advantageous to determine if your Audi valve cover gaskets and/or Audi cam tensioner gaskets are leaking before installing your timing belt. Why? Because nearly all of the Audi timing belt disassembly and assembly procedures are used to perform Audi valve cover gasket and Audi cam tensioner gasket repair.

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    One of the best ways to protect your Audi's exterior is to simply buy a cover. Car Covers for your Audi are important, even for those with covered parking. Fortunately, Audi Car Covers are inexpensive and portable. They are a common and efficient way to protect your exterior from scratches, discoloration and more! With CUSTOM FIT Audi Car Covers & Accessories for your Audi along with over 100 makes and models, it's easy to understand why people prefer to shop with us. Not only do we provide covers that fit your Audi perfectly, we also provide car covers with multiple layers of advanced protection to ensure your car investment is guaranteed to be safe from sun, weather, natural, and even some physical damage.

    Tech Tips On How To Successfully Replace An Audi Valve Cover Gasket.
    Some people complain of a leaking Audi valve cover gasket shortly after the initial repair. Correctly installing a new Audi valve cover gasket so that it doesn't prematurely leak requires a little bit of extra work. Reliable Audi valve cover gasket repair requires proper replacement techniques. These videos illustrates the keys to successful Audi valve cover gasket replacement. The cleaning of the valve cover mating areas, proper application of RTV gasket compound, and the placement and torquing of the valve cover.