Honeywell unveils new turbo aftermarket website

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Dayco also launched its newly-updated North American Aftermarket website, . This site features the latest advancements in the automotive aftermarket, such as license plate and VIN parts look-up and interactive routing guides. The award-winning website is available in English, French and Spanish and focuses on providing the end-user with the technical information needed to keep vehicles moving.

At the recent Automechanika Frankfurt, a global trade event for the automotive parts and accessories industry, held last month Honeywell introduced its newly enhanced turbocharger aftermarket website. The new site incorporates a number of features that will provide customers greater product information and better access to the full portfolio of Garrett by Honeywell turbochargers.

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    “Our new aftermarket website is our most important tool for supporting our global distribution network including the wholesalers, garages and installation centers that need support,” said Clement de Valon, Honeywell Turbo Technologies global sales director for the Independent Aftermarket. “It is the direct feedback we receive from these users that help us prioritize and deliver the world-class service they find most helpful. It is not enough to have a great aftermarket turbo; our goal is to have the best aftermarket turbo experience from pre-sale, to purchase, through installation, and any necessary follow-up once the customer has left the garage.”

    Not only does the new aftermarket website provide detailed specifications on the company’s high-performance in-line and in-tank fuel pumps, it also provides complete information on TI Automotive’s drop-in fuel modules, fuel pump kits and installation accessories.