Outdoor AC Condenser Units Before and After Fin Straightening

ACDelco 15-63666 GM Original Equipment Air Conditioning Condenser

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Outdoor AC Condenser Coils After Fin Straightening

The first and probably single most point that fails on the OEM Freightliner ac condenser is the mounting tabs. The OEM design utilizes piece of formed aluminum that is spot welded to the manifold. As you can imagine this is not the best design, over time road vibration simply takes its toll and snaps the weld. Kustom Cooling chose to use a piece of C Channel aluminum that is fully welded to the manifold. The C Channel is structurally superior and adds strength and rigidity to the core mounting design. Welding the tab to the manifold ensures road vibration won’t get the better of the bracket.

Kustom Cooling set out to address these issues with a 100% aluminum ac condenser that utilizes a fully patented “Wavy Fin” design. The end result is a line of ac condensers that are far superior to the OEM or current aftermarket options providing the best quality, most reliable condenser ever offered for Freightliner Trucks. Let’s take a look at the specific failure points Kustom Cooling addressed so you can see why the Kustom Cooling Freightliner AC Condenser is far superior to any other option on the market.

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The aluminum connection block on the OEM Freightliner AC Condenser uses a threaded aluminum stud hole; this strips out regularly as a result of over tightening. What a shame to have to replace an entire condenser simply because the hole is stripped out. Kustom Cooling chose to have a steel insert brazed into the block itself removing the possibility of stripping the hole.

Let’s take a closer look at the Kustom Cooling AC Condenser. The goal was to provide the Freightliner Cascadia, Century and Columbia owners with an ac condenser that didn’t simply fail in 100,000 miles like the stock unit that came on the truck. In order to do that multiple failure points needed to be addressed. Some of the common failures that’s being seen across the country are; broken mounting tabs as a result of being spot welded, the aluminum connection block strips out since it’s only a threaded hole, road vibration breaks the top and bottom plates (dummy tubes) and causes freon leaks, louvered fins bend over when a pressure washer is used to clean core and ruin the condenser. Freightliner Cascadia, Century and Columbia owners deserve a fully operational, durable ac system.