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These cars were all over the road in the early-mid 80’s. Very popular NYC Livery cabs before they were displaced by the Lincoln Town Car. An uncle of mine had an 84 Delta 88 Royal Brougham 2 dr in the very popular and nice firemist green and dark green velour interior. The 307 Rocket V8 was quite ample and got decent mileage, low-20’s highway.

I too share the same love for my Oldsmobile as those who are sharing there comments on this page. I have a 1984 Delta 88 Royal in mint condition that was passed down to me from my grandfather. I do what ever I can to keep this gem on the road and looking the way it did when it rolled off the showroom floor. I do have one delema that I need help with. I have to find the original wheel towers that attach to the rims. These towers are mounted using three lugs and then cones out to a fixed bolt so you have something for the hubcap to attach to other than the rim clips. If anyone can help me locate these towers please email me @ Thankyou.

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Identifying an '84 - The grill of a 1984 Delta 88 will be unique to that year. It will be composed of vertical dashes of chrome arranged in a grid pattern forming a reverse eggcrate pattern. LS models have a chrome grill shared with that years Ninety-Eight models. From the rear an '84 will appear identical to an '85.

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