24v glow plugs 6.2 and 6.5 GM Diesel ..

Wellman Glow Plugs 6.2 6.2L Diesel NEW WELLMAN for Military CUCV M1008 M1009 K30 K5 G070 070 M1010 M1028 M1031 (set of 8)

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I have not researched it yet but thought I would ask if anyone knows if the HUMVEE 24V glow plugs are self limiting like the AC60Gs? Can you tell me what kind of resister you have on the firewall to allow you to use 12V glow plugs? Do you know the value of the resistor? Thanks,

So removing the resistor on the firewall and running straight 24V to new 24V glow plugs seems like a natural upgrade but then there is the problem with the glow plug controller sensing the higher voltage and short cycling the plugs.

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Re: Seeking 24v glow plugs for Kubota D722


Thanks, that is just the answer I was looking for. The price is a little high, but you gotta pay to play.

Now if I can find a 24v starter...my evil plan will be complete...no 12v anywhere on this unit.

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First of all, if your truck has a 12VDC conversion, you are on your own. This guide is specifically for help in troubleshooting the 24VDC set up. Why? Because the 12VDC system can be setup so many different ways, it is impossible for me to outline them all. If you are wondering if you should convert, don't do it. The 24VDC system gives you more power for cranking, and better battery draw for your glow plugs.

This guide is primarily for technicians or hobby technicians experienced in the use of a VOM or multimeter, test light, and vehicle electrical systems.

Lots of these military trucks are on the market, and if you like to tinker and love a good reliable truck, you can pick one up pretty cheap. I have to say, I love these trucks.

The system used 24VDC to supply power to your starter and the glow plug system. Before you do any repair you need to disconnect the batteries, however, you will need them hooked up to do this testing. The system uses at least two batteries in series, or 4 batteries in a series parallel circuit. The batteries power strip is located on the passenger side of the fire wall. The glow plug power tap is the furthest to the driver's side of the strip. The wire hooked to this terminal is not a wire, it is a fuseable link. The link is tied to a wire which then ties into the resistor. The resistor is mounted on the middle section of the fire wall behind a steel heat shield. The reistor is tied to the glow plug relay input via wire. The solenoid is connected to the glow plugs via the glow plug power harness. The solenoid is turned on and off by the glow plug controller.

This is very important. These systems do not use 24VDC glow plugs ( though they are available at any auto parts store), so do not buy 24VDC glow plugs if your glow plugs are burnt. Only install 12VDC glow plugs, your resistor drops your voltage from 24VDC to 12VDC. The plugs won't get enough juice if you don't install 12VDC plugs.