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2002 Toyota Solara overview with photos and videos

The 2002 Toyota Camry Solara has a freshened up look but it still uses the previous Camry platform. It performs well, and the convertible option in particular offers Camry fans a bit of excitement. The coupe and convertible models of the Solara employ either a 2.4-liter four-cylinder or a 3.0-liter V-6.

The 2002 Toyota Camry Solara delivers more power with a new 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine. The exterior features a redesigned front grille and bumper, a bolder rear bumper, new headlights, and new taillights. The SE coupe has a new appearance package that includes alloy center caps for wheels; a three-spoke, perforated, leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob; black trim; and Black Pearl emblems. Coupes only get optional seat heaters. Other changes include standard daytime running lights and an optional trunk-opener function for the keyless remote.

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    Somewhat softer lines give the 2002 Toyota Camry Solara a bit more oomph in its style and a bit more personality than the Camry. The grille looks aggressive and complemented by fog lamps and four-bulb headlights. Both the coupe and convertible ride on a 105.1-inch wheelbase and measure 191.5 inches long and 71.1 inches wide. The Solara boils down to an older two-door Camry with more assertive styling.

    Bought my 2002 Toyota Solara Convertable new when I left a company who had provided company cars. Drove it regularly in city traffic and long trips for 10 years on the new job until 2012 when I got a company car again. Hauled a tent camper on family vacations with it and also a small trailor taking kids to college, no issue. It now has 254,000 miles on it, stored at our condo as an extra. The only thing ever needed is maintenance, Never broken down. My mechanic feels it could easily go 500,000 plus, mostly because I take care of all the routine maintenance, especially regular oil changes 3-5K miles. Important he says with this model engine, a real Toyota classic long term performer but sludge can reduce it's life. Top still in good shape, garaged mostly, leather seats a bit worn, needs it's 5th set of tires, otherwise still looks and runs great. Only thing that really ever broke was the power antenna, replaced it. Key I found out is DON'T lubricate them. Only complaint I've ever had is the trunk is a bit small to accommodate the top, but in great weather, top down is a good way to port a few 2x4's, furniture or whatever. Bet this is 1 of the best cars Toyota has made and stands out against the direct competition, surprised they didn't sell more.